UHN Mourns the Passing of Tribal Archivist Kathleen Bergeron

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of tribal citizen and United Houma Nation Archivist Kathleen Bergeron.  Miss Kathleen devoted many years to collecting and preserving the tribe’s historical records throughout her life.  She worked with her mother Martha Bergeron, former St. Mary Parish Councilwoman, in tracking down historical and genealogical documents.  After retiring from FEMA after years of service, Ms. Kathleen returned to the workforce to help the Tribe in our archival pursuits to ensure we preserve our most critical documents.  The UHN has been honored to have her give of her time in retirement to mentor, teach, and share with her co-workers her many experiences learned over the years.  She was always there to offer a helping hand, offer an encouraging smile, or share a laugh to get us through tough times.

She will be missed and we thank her family for sharing her with us.  Read Ms. Kathleen Bergeron’s obituary HERE.