Citizen Enrollment

The UHN Enrollment staff and all enrollment records are housed at the Golden Meadow Tribal Center.  The UHN staff maintain the official roll for the Tribe, which contains the personal and genealogical information of all living and deceased citizens.  With over 17,000 living tribal citizens, the records management process is extensive and labor intensive.  The staff maintain a database with basic personal and genealogical data on all enrolled tribal citizens as well as physical files for each member and household data for over 5,000 families.


The enrollment process with the UHN is established in the UHN Constitution and governed by the Tribal Council.  The Constitution established an ordinance that includes enrollment procedures and a 3-person appointed Enrollment Board that oversees the process.  Enrollment with the UHN is based upon ancestry and significant community relationship.  Ancestry is determined upon the ability of an individual to trace and link their individual ancestry to one of the known progenitors (ancestors) of the Tribe.  Potential applicants age 5+ must also establish and prove significant community relationship.  Many tribal services are dependent on applicants being enrolled tribal citizens.  Individuals must possess their own uniquely assigned tribal roll number and individuals cannot use roll numbers of other family members; therefore, UHN leadership urges enrolled citizens to apply for enrollment of their children soon after birth and definitely before the age of 5.

PLEASE NOTE:  On September 30, 2014, the UHN Tribal Rolls were closed to all applicants over the age of 5.  Currently the UHN Enrollment Office is authorized to ONLY receive and process applications for enrollment from children of already enrolled tribal citizens PRIOR to the child’s 5th birthday.  All other applications received will be returned as unable to process.

Keeping member records up-to-date is very important.  If time sensitive information is to be shared with citizens, or someone’s status as a parent, spouse, etc. is needed to send specialized notice, you may be missing out.  It is critical that tribal citizens notify the enrollment staff as soon as possible with changes of address, changes in marital status, the birth of children and unfortunately the passing of tribal citizens in a timely manner.  To report basic changes in citizen data, please use the Membership Update form provided below.

For your convenience, here are important enrollment forms to assist citizens with the enrollment process and maintaining up-to-date records and contact information:


In 2000, the voter process changed that required citizens interested in voting in tribal elections to register to vote.  The UHN began issuing photo voter identification cards to eligible applicants to assist them with verifying identification at tribal voting polls.  The Constitution established an Election Ordinance and a 3-person Election Board to oversee tribal elections and voter registration.

Who is eligible to vote?

Enrolled tribal citizens ages 18 and above are eligible to vote.  Citizens who possess a felony conviction and individuals who are under an order of mental interdiction are ineligible to register to vote.

Staff at the enrollment office in Golden Meadow are able to process applications and voter ID cards onsite; however, citizens can also complete this process by mail using the application below.  Anyone wishing to obtain a voter ID card should submit a passport sized photo along with the application.

For more information about Enrollment Services, please contact the staff below:

Monica Redman, Tribal Roll Coordinator
[email protected]
400 Monarch Drive,
Houma, LA 70364