There are lots of opportunities for tribal citizens and tribal supporters to become involved. First is to volunteer! The UHN has many community events and activities throughout the year that can only be successful with the help of volunteers. In April and May, volunteers are the heart and soul of the UHN’s food booth at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. The work at the fest is the largest fundraiser to support day-to-day operations and critical to the survival of the Tribe. Additionally, volunteers are needed at the annual Elders Fest in November, when tribal elders are honored and supported in a day’s long celebration.

Also get involved in a committee! There are multiple committees that tribal citizens can serve on and help with improving, growing and strengthening tribal services. To apply to be on a committee, please complete the UHN Boards and Committee Application Form below. Also if you are interested in becoming a UHN volunteer, please contact the UHN Office to be added to our database of volunteers.  You can complete the below form or call (985)223-3093.

Every tribe establishes their own criteria and process for enrollment of tribal citizens. The United Houma Nation requires all applicants for enrollment to apply formally through the Enrollment Office. Applicants must complete the required forms provided below, submit all required documentation and pay a $5 processing fee to be considered.

PLEASE NOTE:  On September 30, 2014, the UHN Tribal Rolls were closed to all applicants over the age of 5.  Currently, the UHN Enrollment Office is authorized to ONLY receive and process applications for enrollment from children of already enrolled tribal citizens PRIOR to the child’s 5th birthday.  All other applications received will be returned as unable to process.

The staff will process your application to determine if all criteria is satisfied with the Enrollment Board meeting quarterly to review and make final decisions and recommendations regarding applicants.

UHN Application, Instructions and Additional Forms

By far the most common question we hear is “I’ve lost my card.  How do I get another one?”  The UHN Enrollment Office can assist with that request.  Individuals can physically go in to the Enrollment Office in Golden Meadow during normal office hours (9:00 am to 4:00 pm) and get a duplicate card.  We recognize that may not be possible for all people; therefore, tribal citizens can also request a duplicate card by mail. To request a duplicate card by mail, individuals should write asking for a duplicate card including identifying information, such as tribal roll number, birth date, parent names, address and telephone number.  For your convenience, feel free to use the form below.  The request should be mailed to the address below along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope in order for your card(s) to be mailed back to you.  There is no cost for the duplicate cards; however, we do ask that you provide the necessary postage due to the volume of requests for duplicate cards. UHN Main Office
400 Monarch Drive,
Houma, LA 70364
For more information, please call (985)275-0820 Request for Duplicate UHN Enrollment Card

1. Be an enrolled member of the United Houma Nation

2. Be at least 18 years old on or before the next election

3. Have not been convicted of a felony or been under judgment of interdiction for mental incompetence

4. Reside or be domiciled in the district in which you seek to register

To register to vote in UHN elections, please use the form below and return to the Golden Meadow Enrollment Office address located in the application instructions.

UHN Voter Registration Application

The United Houma Nation government is made up eleven District Council Representatives covering the six Parish service area between St. Mary and St. Bernard. The Principal Chief is acting representative overall. The council holds an election every four years for District seats. In the event that there is a vacancy outside of the schedule election period, a Special Election will be held to fill those vacancy. In order for an applicant to be eligible for a District seat they must reside in the District that he/she is running for, for a minimum of two years. They must submit two years of filed taxes, be a high school/GED graduate. The applicant must also submit a criminal background check and be free from any felonies. All other details are stated in the Qualifying Packet Application. You can click the link to download the Qualifying Packet Application below; however, please know applications are ONLY CONSIDERED when a vacancy is present or when District Elections have been posted in accordance with the UHN Election Ordinance. All packets must be postmark before the election deadlines and submitted to the UHN Main Office
400 Monarch Drive,
Houma, LA 70364 Current Election Qualifying Packet

The Enrollment office is responsible for keeping each individual tribal members records on file. The information kept in the records is what has been provided by either the individual tribal member themselves, or what a parent/guardian has provided for their child at the time of enrollment. In the case of a new birth, a death, a move to a new home, new contact information, or a name change, the tribal member must notify the Enrollment office to update their file. Keeping your records up to date will ensure that they have the correct information when sending out notices regarding important tribal events or information. To keep your records accurate you can download the form below. Once the form is filled out please send it to the Enrollment office for processing.

UHN Membership Enrollment Update


Annual Tribal Council Meeting Schedule

Meetings are scheduled on the 2nd Saturday of the month.
The below schedule is the anticipated locations annually.


2nd Saturday
(District 10)

 South Lafourche Library
16241 E. Main St. 
Golden Meadow, LA 70345

 10 a.m.
2nd Saturday
(District 3)

 Dulac Community Center 
105 Coast Guard Road
Dulac, LA  70353

 10 a.m.
2nd Saturday 
(District 1)

 UHN Voc Rehab
Morgan City Office 
301 Third Street
Morgan City, LA  70380

 10 a.m.
2nd Saturday
(District 8)


 10 a.m.
2nd Saturday
(Districts 5 and/or 6)

Houma Main Library 151 Libray Drive Houma, LA 70360

 10 a.m.

 No Meeting Scheduled

2nd Saturday
(District 7)

Old St. Bernard Courthouse
1201 Bayou Road
St. Bernard, LA.

 10 a.m.
2nd Saturday
UHN Marrero Office
6641 Westbank Expy Suite B
Marrero, LA  70072
 10 a.m.
4th Saturday
(District 4)

 Dularge Fire Dept.
1767 Bayou Dularge Rd.
Theriot, LA  70397

 10 a.m.
2nd Saturday
(District 11)

 Lockport Library
720 Crescent Ave.
Lockport, LA 70395

 10 a.m.
2nd Saturday
(District 2)

 Montegut Fire Dept
1105 Louisiana 55
Montegut, LA 70377

 10 a.m.
 Meeting Locations Are Subject To Change