Community Programs

Community Programs are those services and initiatives that are either lead by non-UHN partners, but serving tribal citizens or typically lead by volunteer efforts in the community. The majority of these programs are housed at the UHN Houma Office. The Community Programs Department is the location of new and emerging programs that may be time limited. Current programs available are listed below

INTER-TRIBAL COUNCIL OF LOUISIANA – Native Workforce Investment Act Funding and Assistance

The Inter-Tribal Council of Louisiana offers employment and training services to American Indian people throughout the state. Programs are available for youth and adults in the below categories. Some services are limited based upon income and employment status.

  • Job search and placement
  • Classroom training assistance
  • On-the-job training
  • Work experience opportunities
  • Supportive services

For more information about the Inter-Tribal Council and the qualifications required to receive assistance, please contact one of their staff members below or visit the Inter Tribal Council website at

Executive Director
John Silver: [email protected]

Administrative Assistant/Finance
Loretta Gilbert: [email protected]

Job Developer
Lora Ann Chaisson: [email protected]

Field Service Representative
Melissa Verdin: [email protected]

Main Office
400 Monarch Drive, Houma, LA 7036
Tel: (985) 851-5408
Fax: (985) 851-7716

Diabetes Registry

The Association of American Indian Physicians partnered with the UHN, in developing a program intended to reduce the complications of diabetes among adult tribal members.  This project was designed to empower tribal citizens and assist in reducing the rates of American Indians diagnosed with diabetes and American Indians who die as a result of diabetes.  This project ultimately led to the UHN Wellness Center.

The program continues to maintains a registry of tribal citizens and/or their family members who are living with Type II diabetes.  The registry assists the staff with contacting and distributing diabetes specific information to tribal citizens living with this disease. If you are a tribal citizen living with Type II diabetes or are diagnosed with pre-diabetes and want to get involved in this program, please complete the below form to enroll:

For more information, please contact:
Main Office
400 Monarch Drive,
Houma, LA 7036 Tel: (985) 223-3093

Youth Development

Tribal youth interested in becoming involved in a new, exciting UHN youth services program should complete the attached application for enrollment in UHN youth services. The youth efforts include the following programs:

  • UHN Youth Council for ages 12-18 enrolled in school
  • Cultural excursions and exploration day events, field trips, etc.
  • Higher education preparation and career exploration
  • Tribal ID project (video and archiving living resources – elders)
  • Our latest effort youth sports initiatives!

Below is the strategic plan for the UHN Youth Council and an overview of the Tribal ID Project:

Volunteers are always welcome; however, the UHN has a strict policy of conducting background checks with the Louisiana State Police prior to anyone working one-on-one with tribal youth as part of the UHN’s Youth Services Programs.

For more information, please contact:

Lanor Curole: [email protected]

Administrative Assistant
Bette Billiot: [email protected]

Main Office

400 Monarch Drive,
Houma, LA 7036

Tel: (985) 223-3093