Kathleen Bergeron – Archivist I

Kathleen M. Bergeron, an enrolled tribal member of United Houma Nation since 1983 from St. Mary Parish, Louisiana. Currently, Kathleen serves as one of two part-time archivists hired in January, 2020 to assist in cataloging and digitizing the United Houma Nation Archives.  She is a recipient of the 2015 United Houma Nation Leadership Award. 

She always had an interest in learning more about our native culture. Unfortunately, schools in Louisiana didn’t teach about our Native Peoples. So, when the opportunity came to further her education she took as many classes as she could about Native America. She learned the importance of preserving our native culture and history and it inspired her work in archives and cultural preservation. It inspired her to return home to utilize what she learned to assist our Tribe in cultural preservation and preserving our archival materials. 

Ms. Bergeron has worked over 25 years in the field of cultural preservation in various positions including a FEMA Environmental/ Historic Preservation Advisor; Historic Site Manager for LA State Parks; Curator and  Cultural Advisor at Lafayette Natural History Museum; a field researcher for Native American Rights Fund; a Field Lab Supervisor for the University of Southwestern Louisiana at the Poverty Point World Heritage Site; and a field researcher for the Louisiana Institute for Indian Development; and participated in Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act Consultations. 

Ms. Bergeron received a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Studies with a concentration in Anthropology from the University of Southwestern Louisiana. She received a Master of Arts degree in Liberal Studies and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in American Indian Studies from the University of Denver, Denver, Colorado. Also, she was recipient of a Minority Fellowship from the University of Denver, Denver, Colorado and received a scholarship from the Colorado American Education Association

While attending the University of Denver, Ms. Bergeron was a co-honoree along with fellow members of the University of Denver Native American Student Association at the annual Spring Buffalo Feast held by the Native American Resource Committee of the Denver Natural History Museum, Denver, Colorado. 

Ms. Bergeron enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and attending Tribal events. She enjoys visiting schools and groups presenting American Indian cultural programs.