Elder Registry

As we all face a changing world in light of the Coronavirus, the UHN is committed to the needs of our elders who are most at risk.  Beginning Monday, March 23, the UHN staff will begin making weekly calls to our tribal elders to check in on their health, access to resources, and any unmet needs we may need to advocate with our partners.  We have a small working list based on elders that have been active with our ongoing activities; however, we are looking to expand that list to include more elders that may be self isolating so that we can add them to our weekly call list.  Please use the form below to provide information on any tribal elder age 55 or older that should be added to our contact list.

If you have any further questions, please call our office at (985)223-3093.

Tribal Elder Registry

This form is to help tribal citizens either self-report or family members can recommend an elder to add to the most up-to-date tribal elder registry for contact.