United Houma Nation Quarterly Newspaper

Read: UHN Quarterly Newspaper Summer 2023

Read: UHN Quarterly Newspaper Fall 2023

The United Houma Nation is excited to be offering quarterly newspapers to tribal citizens and supporters after years of requests to bring back a physical newspaper!  The newspaper will differ from the online newsletter; it will include feature articles and stories about tribal citizens and tribal history that we are unable to do with an online newsletter.  In the past, these efforts have been tied specifically to grant funds that unfortunately come and go.

In order to ensure there can be continuity in this much needed communication with tribal citizens, our friends and larger tribal family, there will be a subscription cost effective Fall 2023.  The cost is purely to maintain this effort and the expenses associated with it.  Therefore, the annual costs for 4 (quarterly delivered) newspapers is $10/year.  Currently the newspaper is an 8-page document; however, with enough subscriptions and/or potential business ads and sponsorships, the size could grow.

Below is the form necessary to sign up for the UHN Newspaper and pay by credit and/or debit card.  All charges will be set to reoccur annually so that you can continue to receive the newspaper without the fuss of signing up over and over again.  Please know you may stop your annual deductions at any time you choose.  You also have the option to sponsor a subscription for an elder in need.  Elders who are at or below the poverty guidelines will have the ability to go into a drawing to win donated subscriptions as they become available.

Thank you for your interest, support and happy reading!  Please use the form below to sign up immediately!