Houma Nation Youth Ages 8-14 Invited to Participate in Annual Cam Jordan Youth Camp

A representative of 25 Houma Nation Youth ages 8 to 14 are able to participate in the annual Cam Jordan Youth Football Camp this year on Friday, June 1oth.

The camp is open for all genders ages 8 to 14 who have an interest in building up football and overall athletic skills.  Youth will participate in a series of stations that aim to highlight and address skills such as throwing, speed, hand-eye coordination, agility, etc.  Parents cannot attend with their youth as chaperones are limited per group and the camp is closed to spectators.

To the extent possible, the UHN will provide transportation to and from the event for youth.  Parents can share if their youth are interested in attending by completing the form below.  Completion of the form will also allow parents to sign youth up for tribal youth activities and events in the future.

UHN staff will be collecting names on a first come basis initially for selection; however, if we have a larger interest beyond the 25 slots available, staff will use a lottery system to select youth to attend as unfortunately we are limited in space.  Final selection is expected to be made no later than end of the day June 7.  All parents will need to sign the required release forms before young people can attend.

For more information, please call (985)223-3093.

Annual Cam Jordan Youth Camp Sign Up

Tribal youth ages 8-14 can sign up to attend Cam Jordan's Annual Football Camp. Space is limited to 25.
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