Principal Chief Election Slated for Saturday, June 4

Earlier this month the UHN Election Board certified two candidates who are seeking the position of Principal Chief.  August Creppel, who is the current Principal Chief, is seeking a second term; while Lora Ann Chaisson, former Council Member from Point aux Chene, is seeking a first term.  Below are the important dates and information UHN tribal citizens need to know to participate in this election which is scheduled for Saturday, June 4, 2022.

Who is eligible to vote?  Enrolled UHN tribal citizens over the age of 18 must be registered to vote in tribal elections by May 5th in order to participate in this election.  Any enrolled member of the UHN who is registered to vote shall be entitled to vote in tribal elections, unless that individual is judicially declared mentally incompetent or is under an order of imprisonment for conviction of a felony as per the UHN Constitution.

How to Vote By Absentee Ballot?  If a registered voter lives away or is physically unable to go to the polling place on election day, voting by absentee ballot is the best option to participate in the election.  Absentee ballots became available April 25 and will be until May 27, 2022 when all absentee ballots are due back at the UHN’s Administrative Office in Houma (400 Monarch Drive, Houma, LA  70364) by 5pm CST.  Absentee ballots must be requested in writing and can be accomplished two ways:

  1. Registered tribal voters can appear in person at the UHN Houma Office between the hours of 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday to request an Absentee Ballot up until the May 27 deadline.
  2. Registered tribal voters can request a ballot to be mailed to them by letter.  The letter MUST have a signature and the voter must identify the name under which the voter was registered as well as stating the voting district registered.  The UHN staff recommends that the letter also include identifying information such as tribal roll number or a phone number to contact if needed for follow-up.  If a registered voter is unable to sign the letter themselves, then he/she/they should sign with their mark and have the letter signed by a witness.  The letters must be sent by mail to 400 Monarch Drive, Houma, LA  70364.

All eligible individuals requesting an absentee ballot will receive a packet with the instructions to correctly complete the ballot and ensure their vote is cast by secret ballot.  A registered tribal voter who receives an absentee ballot and fails to complete and mail the ballot by the May 27 deadline or changes he/her mind and wishes to vote in person, must surrender the assigned absentee ballot to an election official supervising the ballots at the assigned polling place on election day.

How to Vote on Election Day?  No later than May 24, 2022 all registered UHN tribal voters will receive a mailed notice with their assigned polling place as well as a sample ballot for review and consideration.  NOTICE TO ALL VOTERS:  PLEASE ENSURE YOUR ADDRESS ON FILE WITH THE UHN IS UPDATED TO ENSURE YOU RECEIVE THE MAILED NOTICE.  All voters are assigned a polling place to prevent duplicate voting.  Designated polling places are required to be open from 6am to 8pm CST.

When appearing at the poll, all voters will need to present a photo ID to verify their identity to the assigned poll workers.  This ID can be your Tribal Voter ID Card, Louisiana Driver’s License or State ID.  After verifying voter identity, voters will be required to sign the Polling Place Log and then will be assigned a ballot to vote.  Confidential space must be available for voters to cast their vote privately and then place their ballots in the locked ballot box.

When Will We Know the Results? Immediately following the closing of the polls on election day which shall be 8PM CST, the supervisors of each polling place shall make an unofficial count of the ballots cast at such polling place to be publicly displayed at that polling place, account for ballots entrusted to them, verify and sign the results of their ballot count, and shall then place in secure boxes all the ballots in their charge, including any unused, spoiled or rejected ballots which shall be labeled, as well as the unofficial results and deliver them personally to the Board the night of the election.  The Election Board certifies all elected candidates upon verifying and compiling all final poll and absentee results.