UHN Asks Tribal Citizens in Hurricane Ida’s Path to Check-In in Advance of Landfall

As Hurricane Ida heads to make landfall tomorrow, UHN Administration is urging tribal citizens who reside in the potential impacted area to complete the below form to aid the Tribe in ensuring we are able to accurately relay your needs with funders, partners, and governmental official.  Also, we are in need of your most current contact information to ensure we can effectively communicate and provide messaging to you in timely manner should resources become available.


Hurricane Ida Check-In Before the Storm

This form is specifically for UHN tribal citizens residing in the anticipated Hurricane Ida impacted area to report your address now as well as your evacuation plans. This information will aid the Tribe in being able to seek funds quickly and provide data to meet your needs as quickly as possible. Additionally, being able to effectively communicate with you after the storm will be critical and having your most up-to-date information will aid us in those efforts. Please be safe and we pray the Creator protects you all.
Full Legal Name(Required)
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Parent's Names(Required)
This information will help us ensure we have the right tribal citizen in the event of tribal citizens with same names if we do not have correct birthdates on file.
Address at the Prior to Hurricane Ida Landfall(Required)
If you have email we can send you updates much quicker to ensure you know the most up-to-date information.
Did you evacuate in preparation for Hurricane Ida?(Required)
If you left, please tell us more about where you went and your accomodations so that we may accurately report of your potential needs to funders, governmental agencies, etc. as quickly as possible.