UHN Launches Cultural Education Immersion Program

This month the United Houma Nation is launching a Cultural Education Immersion Program to assist tribal youth, school grades 1st through 12th, in signing up to participate in a culture and project based curriculum aimed to improve language arts, reading, science and math skills.  As tribal youth experienced the ever changing education platform of virtual and face-to-face, the UHN Tribal Council recognized that many tribal youth may have fallen behind in the upheaval.  Thanks in large part to funding received through the Institute for Indian Development under the Community Services Block Grant funds from the Cares Act, the Tribe earmarked funds specifically to help tribal youth bridge this educational challenge.  The curriculum developed for this program is focused on hands-on experiences for tribal youth that allows them to become immersed in tribal culture, while also improving their proficiency in these key education areas.

The project will run now into the beginning of the school year to assist youth with transitioning into the classroom.  Funding unfortunately is limited; however, we will do our best to serve youth as long as the funds will allow.  Should their be more students who apply than the program can support, priority will be to serve students within 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.

Who is eligible for the program?  Enrolled UHN youth or youth with enrolled parents who reside in the 6-parish service area.  If there are more applicants than we are able to serve, then priority will be given to youth at or below 200% of federal poverty guidelines.

How does the program work?  The program will be either face-to-face, virtual or a combination of the 2 depending on the needs of the students and the ability of our staff to meet with students in groups as well as one-on-one as needed

How do I enroll my child(ren)?  Click this LINK to access the online application form


Meet Our Staff:

Jamie Billiot is the Lead Education Instructor.  Her email is [email protected]

My name is Jamie Billiot and I am excited to work with our youth weaving together culture and academics. I received my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from LSU. I have been working as the Community Liaison for the Native Youth Community Project for the past two years where I have been able to work with our students and help them find college and career paths that fit their interests as well as support cultural learning. I am also the proud mother of a twelve year old daughter. Together we can continue to appreciate and understand all that our Creator has given us.

Cobey Perrin is the Youth Instructor focused on STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).  His email is [email protected]

My name is Cobey Perrin, I am from Dulac, Louisiana, and I am going to be one of the Youth Instructors for this year’s summer program. I have a background in engineering as well as education. I will be working with the United Houma Nation to provide your kids with any additional support they may need in the STEM Field, particularly Science and Math. We will also have a big focus on teaching about our culture as Native Americans and relating it directly to these subjects. I look forward to working with your kids!


For more information about the program or to complete an application, please contact Jamie or Cobey at (985)223-3093 or by email.