Launching the UHN Custom Merchandise Store

The United Houma Nation has officially gone live with the UHN Merchandise Store featuring items such as masks, wearable pins, hats, and much more. With this launch, we have moved to a national shipping option for members all across the United States. Many of these orders have even reached states like Alaska and California.

Any donations made from each purchase goes towards the tribe’s general operations. Since the launch in July, we have made close to $4,000 in sales. The money has gone towards multiple programs, fees, and newer merchandise to give out to the community.

“It’s exciting to see the communities support and seeing everyone showing off their Houma pride,” said chief principal August Cocoa Crepell.

We are planning to work with members of the tribe annually who have created significant art from their identity. For our first Fall 2020 artist spotlight, we have artist Curtis Hendon, who had a passion for creating stories through his work. He’s volunteered in many events for the tribe, and we are going to forever be grateful. Curtis joined the spirit world recently in September after battling cancer, but his work and legacy will continue to be remembered at the United Houma Nation. His merchandise will be released on 10/19.

(His mug has a compilation of the work that Curtis has done and the tee sold here represents his love of Isle de Jean Charles and the traditions of that community. We are donating 20 percent of the sales to the family of Curtis Hendon.)

Also, thank you to everyone who has submitted photos rocking the UHN Gear through our social media. We love seeing the community come together and show their pride all over the United States. If you have any of our UHN gear, make sure to take a picture and submit it!

We are looking for any suggestions on future UHN gear that we could potentially sell. Please submit any ideas or selfies to [email protected].