Dr. Douglas Walker Joins the UHN Daily Social Check-In Friday, April 4th

Douglas Walker, PhD, is the Clinical Director of Mercy Family Center in New Orleans.  Dr. Walker has focused significant effort post Katrina on the community mental health needs of communities after disasters with particular emphasis on youth experiencing trauma.  He is a recognized expert sought to help communities during and post trauma such as the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School as well as the deadly tornadoes in Missouri that lead to the creation of a community based mental health program called How’s Your 5?

Dr. Walker has been a friend to the United Houma Nation for many years in helping with the multiple disasters that have impacted our communities.  Post Deepwater Horizon Oilspill, he worked with the Tribe to modify the How’s Your 5? protocol for use within the tribal community in its recovery.

Please join us Friday at 6pm when Dr. Walker will share his experience on how best to manage and cope during this time of social distancing and personal isolation.

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